The vocation of any company is to be even closer to its customers and this mean knowing their behavior, needs, tastes... and stablish a long lasting relationship with them and satisfying. The professionals and small business sector has evolved in recent years and will continue in the future, this is the trend in most sectors of economic activity in our country. This continuous process of change requires professionals and small businesses at a constant review of its work processes, specially those in which directly involved customers. So increasingly are companies and professionals who work with an annual marketing plan and a global plan of communication.

Likewise, studies of customer satisfaction and loyalty programs or customer plans are now seen as essential tools.

We perform or develop any marketing and trade projects, both general and specific to each professional. Optionally we help to implement our clients projects. Some of our services in this area are:

- Desing of strategic plans and operational marketing plans.

- Launch new services. CRM plans development (customer relationship).

- Relational marketing.

- Desing and implementation of customer loyalty plans.

- Global communication plans: corporate image, videos...

Desing and/or implement any marketing job that suits our customers, acting as if we were their own marketing or commercial departaments. We supply gaps of time and structure substituting fixed costs for variable costs.

Other of our services in the field of marketing and communication are:

- Customer satisfaction studies.

- Study and desingn of prices policy.

- Desing and implementation of promotional events and information for customers.

- Desing and creation of Web pages.

- Desing and development of customer communication material: brochures, newsletters, service catalogs...

- Press office/ audiovisual assemblies, exhibitions, films and videos. Systems that allow you to present information of various attractive ways. Their possible uses are: company presentations, business plan, annual result, product line management conferences...