About Us

Usually is thought that an administrative agency is the same as an adviser but is not true. Not everyone advertised as a consultant or manager is an administrative manager, being the main differences in training, warranty on the formalities and the variety of services offered.

A consultant can be any person ,having or not training, that is discharged in the Administrators to exercise the activity of advice. Not required training, knowledge in any subject, the vast majority does not have the support of a professional association or liability insurance and even some of those who present themselves as advisers are not legally discharged.

In contrast to an Administrative Agency is required to carry at least a degree in Law, Business, Economics o Politicals, have passed a test acces and be registered, wich thing now represents not only adequate and sufficient training but professional support of its business offering customer warranty.

In addition, generally a consultant only focuses on providing tax, accounting or labor services while an administrative manager can offer complete management od companies, self-employed, transactions in traffic, foreing matters, licensing, inheritance, prevention in occupational management hazards etc. OFFICIALLY abeing the mediator between the citizens and Public Administration.

Look for our logo "GA" to recognize an Administrative Agency, reject imitations and deceptions. Unfortunately in our sector there is much professional intrusion.
An Administrative Agency is the best tool for your personal and professional life. Do not hesitate, choose well.

We work for:

· La Personal legal certainty, companies and organizations in their activities.

· Optimize the cost savings and resources of our clients.

· Facilitate specialized professional services with guarantee, responsibility and professionalism freeing the company of delocate and sensitive tasks.